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Tuesday 03 of October 2023

Tourists Add to Acapulco's Garbage Load

Acapulco crowds leave behind tons of trash.,Photo: Notimex/Adriana Covarrubias
Acapulco crowds leave behind tons of trash.,Photo: Notimex/Adriana Covarrubias
City's basic sanitation staff works to clean up tourist areas while continuing quality service in the rest of city

During the first week of Holy Week vacations, the Director of Basic Sanitation reported that at least 11,500 tons of trash was collected from beaches and tourist zones.

The head of Basic Sanitation in the municipality, José Alberto Alonso Gutiérrez, said in an interview that the more than 300,000 tourists who came to the port created a huge amount of garbage in the beaches and other tourist areas.

He added that the 850 daily tons of garbage that are normally picked up rises to 100,000 during the Holy Week vacations.

“Last March 19, continuing until Sunday the 27 of the same week, we collected a total of 11,500 tons of garbage.”

60325355. Acapulco, 25 Mar 2016 (Notimex-Especial).- Ante el arribo masivo de turistas, la Dirección de Saneamiento Básico, repartió bolsas de basura a los turistas que arribaron al puerto este viernes a fin de que depositen sus desechos, evitando que las calles y playas se contaminen. NOTIMEX/FOTO/ESPECIAL/HUM/
Special sanitation teams brought extra trash bags to Acapulco’s tourist hot spots during the Holy Week vacations. Photo: Notimex

The Basic Sanitation staff increased their sweeps in strategic points like Caleta and Caletilla, the Golden Zone, the lookout points on the scenic avenues, the Miguel Alemán coastline and the Diamond Zone that includes Bonfil and Barra Vieja.

He said that they have intensified daily sweeps, garbage pickup and the cleaning of the beach access points.

The municipal official say that work has doubled in the touristic zone of Acapulco, but that it didn’t mean that daily care in the area’s other neighborhoods was suffering.

The proof of this, he said, was the continuity in the garbage pickup in such places as Pie de la Cuesta, the Las Cruces neighborhood and in the El Coloso housing project.