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Thursday 04, June 2020
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Topo Chico removes VIP cells

By The News · 15 of February 2016 12:29:31
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A riot in the Topo Chico prison west of Monterrey left 52 dead and 12 wounded.


Following a riot Thursday between various prisoner factions which resulted in 49 dead inmates, the government of Nuevo León removed furniture belonging to luxury cells in the Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, also dismantling a full bar, 280 semi stationary vendor posts, and hundreds of shrines to folk saint La Santa Muerte (Holy Death).

The luxury cells were equipped with living rooms, air conditioner units, mini fridges, digital televisions with cable access, aquariums and saunas.

In a written statement, the state government reported that the 280 semi stationary vending posts were operated by the criminal network within the prison, either directly or through collecting on protection fees, offering products overpriced by up to 120 percent.

In the raid conducted Thursday, the Civil Force also destroyed hundreds of altars to La Santa Muerte, including life-size statues, paintings and costumes resembling those of matlachines, traditional Mexican dancers.

The government of Nuevo León relied on heavy machinery to help with the removal of furniture, appliances and mattresses, which were subsequently stacked on the courts of the prison.

During a visit to the prison, state Security Secretary Cuauhtémoc Antúnez said that authorities knew about the irregularities, injustices, abuse and even about the collection of protection fees by the criminal networks that were operating inside the prison.

Three former prison officials face legal proceedings for murder and abuse of authority.