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Teachers' Day Commemorative Race at UAEM is Successful

The race aims to promote physical activity
By The News · 31 of May 2016 14:42:48
The UAEM awarded the first three places in the Men's and Women's categories, No available, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

In celebration of Teachers’ Day, the Federation of Autonomous Association of UAEM Academic Staff (FAAPAUAEM) held the 35 Athletic Race, which for the first time was held at night and that for the third consecutive year was carried out along with the Recreational Walk.

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) Rector Jorge Olvera García, accompanied by FAAPAUAEM Secretary General Víctor Manuel Pineda Gutiérrez, fired the starting shot of the race at 8 p.m. on May 28.

The race aims to promote physical activity and sports among the UAEM community and their families, as well as society in general, to benefit healthy and improve quality of life.

The UAEM awarded the first three places in the Men’s and Women’s categories with a trophy and a sporting goods package, as well as medals for all participants.

The winners of the Men’s Academics A category (60 years or older) were: Pedro Ortega León, Miguel Ángel Vega Mondragón and José Socorro Neri Valenzuela. The winner of the Women’s Academics A category was María Elena Escalona Franco.

In Men’s Academics category B (50 to 59 years), the winners were Marcelino Crisanto Cuarto, Carlos Agustín Sánchez and Timothy John Edwards Blackmore. In Women’s Academics category B, Aurelia Peralta Colín y Gabriela Gómez del Castillo Garay won.

In Men’s Academics category C (40 to 49 years), the winners were Rafael Morales Ibarra, Arturo Mireles and Ricardo Hernández López. In Women’s Academics category B, the winners were Verónica Ocaña Ávila, Merizanda Ramírez Aceves and María Enriqueta Lecuona Miranda.

In Men’s Academics category D (up to 39 years), the winners were Jorge Alberto Jiménez Santana, Jesús Gerardo Santana Rivera and Víctor Alfonso Narváez Ramírez. In Women’s Academics category D, Nadia Monserrat García Espino, Martha Mariela Zarco González and Rebeca Jiménez Escobar won.

In the Men’s Free category (from 18 to 39 years), the winners were Jorge Rivera Hernández, Mauricio Guadalupe Gómez and Héctor Santillán Ortiz. In the Women’s Free category, Diana Lizbeth Trejo Ramos, Lucila Mendoza Rivas and Sonia Díaz Rodríguez won.

In the Men’s Master category(40 years and over) the winners were Ramón Soriano, Sergio Martínez and Lázaro Hernández López. In the Women’s Master category, Elisa Esperanza González Valencia, María Mónica Amescua Barrera and Socorro Pérez won.

In the Men’s Student category (15 years and over) the winners were Marco Antonio Soriano González, José Jonatan Madero del Río and Luis Roberto Franco Molina. In the Women’s Student category, Esmeralda Rebollo Salgado, Angélica Rosales Méndez and Elena Guadalupe Valenzuela Ortíz won.