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  • CNTE Roadblocks Could Damage Tourism Profits

  • The Tourism and Services Chamber of Commerce (Canacope) encouraged the government to find a way to end the blockades without ceding to pressure from the CNTE

, photo: Reuters/Henry Romero

21 of July 2016 17:49:20

Actions carried out by the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE) have the potential to damage tourism profits during the summer vacation, according to the Tourism and Services Chamber of Commerce (Canacope).

It explained that the blockades and marches of the teachers have impeded the free transit of citizens and visitors not only in Mexico City, but also in states like Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Michoacán.

These actions "are casting into doubt estimates about economic activity, affecting not only the productive sector of the city, but also the quality of life of the population seeking entertainment and recreational and cultural activities."

Canacope noted in a press release that the negotiations between federal authorities and representatives of the CNTE have a positive effect on tourism.

Without doubt, it stated, while the belligerence and intransigence of the CNTE and its supporters would not generate exhibitions of empathy on the part of society and it respects the right of mobility, there is the possibility that the flow of visitors would decline to the detriment of the vacation season and the thousands of jobs that the period generates.

Canacope expressed its support and solidarity with chambers of commerce and groups of private initiatives, in order to defend their "honest means of making a living."

It called for a new agreement with the authorities to guarantee the exercise of rights by the citizens and the removal of blockades.

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