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The News
  • Teacher Protests Continue in Guerrero and Oaxaca

  • Teachers storm the Guerrero Education Secretariat in protest of the government's educational reforms

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Jose I. Hernández

16 of August 2016 14:47:12

The Guerrero Public Servants Union (SUSPEG) and the State Coordinator of Guerrero Educational Workers (CETEG) marched in front of the Guerrero Education Secretariat (SEG) offices in Chilpancingo.The protesters met in the plaza in the San Mateo neighborhood, where they marched towards the SEG building, on the corner of Zaragoza and Mina. There they spray painted walls and knocked over furniture inside the building, evacuating workers.The action is part of the a round of protests "in defense of public education, to stop unjust firings and support the workers who boycotted the examinations."In Oaxaca, the members of Section 22 of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) blocked access to the Macroplaza and shopping malls in the city.

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