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  • Suspected Rapists 'Los Porkys' May Have Fled the Country

  • Quartet of young men said to have fled to Houston, Madrid in face of charges

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30 of March 2016 18:28:39

The four members of the so-called group “Los Porkys”, suspects in a rape case against a young woman from Veracruz in January 2015, appear to have left the country.The alleged teen victim, Daphne Fernández, says the young men approached her at a local beach. Later, they asked her if she wanted to "continue the party" at their house. She acquiesed, and when they arrived the boys sexually assaulted her in the home's bathroom.On Monday, Fernández made a public post on her Facebook profile addressing the case.

Me dije a mi misma que no pondría nada al respecto, al menos no directo pero creo que ya toque fondo.He leído muchos...Posted by Daphne Fernandez P on Monday, March 28, 2016
According to social media users, the young men were seen boarding planes to leave the country.An anonymous report said that Diego Cruz got on an Aeroméxico plane bound for Madrid, while Jorge Cotaita Cabrales, Enrique Capitain and Gerardo Rodríguez went to Houston, Texas, according to reports from employees of Veracruz’s Heriberto Jara Corona Airport.Sources from a Veracruz newspaper said that Los Porkys have sexually abused other victims. Exact names and dates are not known because the victims and their families have not wanted to file complaints.The sources said that there are between four and six cases of other victims, but that only the case of Daphne Fernández has been documented with concrete facts.

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