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Wednesday 27, May 2020
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Study: Internet dating increases

By The News · 15 of February 2016 12:31:28
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Mexicans are using social networks created especially for starting relationships, like Tinder, to find romance.


Social networks geared toward finding a partner in Mexico have grown two percent annually, said Ivonne Martínez Hernández of the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP).

The university expert said that with Valentine’s Day as a motive, people are using social networks to find romance.

In an interview with a Mexican news agency, Martínez Hernández said that social networks have been created especially for starting relationships, like Tinder or Badoo, and have arrived to Mexico.

“Of the people that use these types of networks to meet people, 55 percent are men and 45 percent are women,” the expert said.

Martínez Hernández explained that to begin, users sign up and create a profile. Then they select what type of person they are looking for, whether it be a man or woman, and what types of characteristics and interests they prefer. They choose everything from physical aspects to personal interests and hobbies. The website or application then matches the user to other profiles that fit the same criteria.

“There is another type of application called StreetMatching. The person uses the application with their cell phone and if they are out on the street and see someone they like they can use the app to contact the person, if the other person also has the application,” Martínez Hernández said.

The expert said that the majority of people using these types of platforms are young college students, who use the applications to talk to people they haven’t met before, but because they like the person, they form a virtual friendship.

“People don’t easily find romantic relationships in person anymore. It’s better to connect with someone through social networks,” she said.

The specialist said that Mexico is not behind in this aspect and that in the last five years there has been a big increase in using social networks to meet people.

Martínez Hernández said that though there are successful relationships, there are also cases that exist of false identities and harassment.