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  • Shock and Disbelief at Democrats Abroad 'Clinton Victory Party'

  • Supporters of Hillary Clinton gathered to watch their candidate lose on Tuesday

, photo: The News/Simon Schatzberg

09 of November 2016 18:47:58

Attendees at the Mexico Democrats Abroad Election Night Party Tuesday, which was advertised as a "Hillary Clinton Victory Party," were surprised and disappointed as Republican nominee Donald Trump won the required electoral votes to become the next president of the United States.The event was so popular that Democrats Abroad was able to fill two venues: Pinche Gringo BBQ in Narvarte and the University Club in Juárez. U.S. and Mexican Clinton supporters watched the results come in on big screens on the walls. The general demeanor among the crowd was that of certainty. People were expectant but confident that Hillary Rodham Clinton would make her way back to the White House -- as president, no less -- on Jan. 20.Everyone waited to see this tortuous campaign season come to an end, while booing or applauding the red or blue that covered each state as the polls closed. A festive atmosphere slowly became somber as CNN projected Trump wins in state after state, and the Clinton supporters began staring in disbelief and anguish at the screens. In an effort to break the silence on the press table caused general disappointment, a fellow journalist said that maybe the networks were keeping the numbers balanced in the best interest of good television, but sadly, results matched internet feed, and not much time was left.The Mexican peso continued with its steady downward spiral. Chatter dwindled as people tried to stay hopeful. Almost all of the states on CNN's digital map were red. By around 11 p.m., a Trump win had become probable, but the Democrats stayed until the early in the morning to be sure.All the celebration cupcakes with tiny American flags remained uneaten, street parties planned to celebrate Clinton's victory were canceled -- the night was cold and rainy anyway.

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