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  • Seven Found Dead in State of Mexico

  • Seven people were killed in the State of Mexico, multiple homicide still unsolved

, photo: Notimex/Bernardo Moncada/BMR/HUM/

15 of March 2017 16:00:01

At least seven people were found murdered in the State of Mexico in the last few hours.

According to the prosecutor's office, the bodies of three women, with clear markings of torture, were found Wednesday morning by members of the community in Atlatongo, Teotihuacán. They immediately notified the police with an emergency call.

One of the women, who was approximately 20 years old, had a cable around her neck, probably having died from asphyxiation. The other two, 30 and 31, were found with bruises in multiple parts of their body.

In Las Brisas Chiconautla, of the Ecatepec district, other victims were executed with the use of high caliber weapons. The aggressors found the victims on the corner of Neblina Street and Las Brisas, where they shot them multiple times. Two died on the spot and the other two tried to take refuge in a nearby lot but ended up being followed and killed.

Authorities of the General State of Mexico Prosecutor's Office (FGJEM) brought specialized personnel to begin corresponding proceedings and asked that the families of the victims give their statements in order to solve the multiple homicide.

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