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Senators Ask Veracruz Government to Pay University

The senate demanded to governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa of Veracruz that he settle his debt with the Universidad Veracruzana – over 2 billion pesos
By The News · 25 of February 2016 19:21:32
IMG_20151123_165432, Javier Duarte Veracruz. FOTO: ENRIQUE ORDÓÑEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM, No available

The senate demanded to governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa of Veracruz that he settle his debt with the Universidad Veracruzana –  over 2 billion pesos corresponding to subsidies – in the shortest terms.

The assembly agreed to urge the governor of Veracruz to fulfil the Agreement of Financial Support to the Universidad Veracruzana, subscribed with the Public Education Secretariat (SEP) in January of last year.

Said agreement establishes that the SEP and the local executive will assign to the Universidad Veracruzana 4 billion 677 million and 73 pesos, of which the secretariat will purvey 2 billion 211 million 964 thousand and 353 pesos, while the Duarte administration is due to contribute 2 billion 465 million 465 thousand and 720 pesos.

To date the government of Veracruz still owes the Universidad Veracruzana 2 billion 76 million pesos.

From the tribune Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, president of the Education Commission, lamented the lack of commitment from the governor to transfer these funds.

“We received the university president Sara Ladrón de Guevara both in the commissions of finance and education on the 11th of November, when she presented her case. We attempted to suggest mediating and conciliation. A few days later the governor met with her and the executive accepted there was a debt and said a payment schedule would be announced. Unfortunately, the fact is this has not been done”.

The senate also asked the federal executive branch to verify the correct use of the federal resources meant for the Universidad Veracruzana, in accordance with the General Education Law. It was requested that the Federal Auditing Agency audit the administration, use, custody and implementation of the federal resources transferred to the Veracruz government for the sustainment of said university.