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  • Science and Technology Necessary to Improve Police Forces: UAEM Researcher

  • Researcher Raúl Horacio Arenas Valdés spoke on “Satellite Technology to Prevent Crime in the State of Mexico"

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27 of July 2016 11:32:23

Police forces are promoting technologies to improve their strategic objectives to prevent and control crime.Science and technology are necessary instruments to improve and modernize police forces. They are also important tools for investigation and prevention of crimes, says Raúl Horacio Arenas Valdés, specialist at the Juridical Science, Criminal Justice and Public Security Research Center at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM).Arenas Valdés spoke on the subject "Satellite Technology to Prevent Crime in the State of Mexico," saying that satellite technology could be used to improve public security. He said that modernized administration and enforcement is needed, through more efficient institutions and more appropriate laws.He emphasized that technology could optimize the resources that police forces have at their disposal. It is important to develop research capacity and intelligence gathering expertise, using technology that is integrated with data bases.Arenas Valdés also said that a database that tracks crime rates and also has geo-referenced information on crimes would allow visualization of crime patterns, aid in investigation and identify where to focus police resources.Rigorous research is needed, not just for local and state police but also federal police and the general community. He said that modernizing the technology employed by police forces will increase efficiency, professionalism, and respect of human rights, which will all serve to increase public confidence in the police.

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