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The News
  • Robbery at the Facilities of the Integral System of Administrative Information of the UAEM

  • The UAEM was the victim of a robbery were computers and other equipment was stolen.


23 of March 2016 19:49:58

Last Saturday 19th of March, at approximately quarter past midnight, the facilities of the Integral System of Administrative Information of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico were violently robbed.From the offices of the university were robbed three portable computers and various boxes with information on the universities treasury. The offices affected are located at the corner of Ignacio López Rayón and José María Arteaga.The private guard in charge of the building’s safety presented the respective complaint to Express Agency of the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico in Toluca. Before the Public Prosecutor’s Office he recounted how, at midnight on Saturday, he was assaulted by two subjects with a gun, that forced him to open the door of the main building and tied his hands and feet.As soon as he got the chance the guard managed to free himself to reach the street and seek the assistance of his colleagues in the administrative building, who as soon as they were informed that the subjects were armed called the municipal police and personnel from the Security directorate, University Protection and of the Environment from the UAEM.Upon entering the building where the events took place, the police no longer found anyone, then proceeded to identify the stolen equipment, among which were also a keyboard and the guard’s cellphone.

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