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Monday 06, July 2020
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PRD Promises to Revise Reforms Alongside CNTE

PRD General Secretary Beatriz Mojica wants to help the CNTE find a legislative resolution to the education conflict
By The News · 16 of August 2016 18:52:26
Beatriz Mojica, Secretary of the PRD, with Francisco Martínez Neri, Coordinator of the PRD, and Verónica Juárez Piña, secretary of Legislative Affairs of the PRD, as they exit a meeting with members of CNTE, No available, photo: Cuartoscuro/Saúl López

In the deputies affiliated with the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) promised to support the National Coordinator of Educational Workers (CNTE) in an initiative that would revise the educational reform.

PRD General Secretary Beatriz Mojica said that she believed both teachers and the federal government preferred dialogue and a new proposal so that the new academic year will be able to start on schedule next Monday throughout the country.

In a private meeting between the PRD deputies and teachers, Juan Melchor, member of the National Political Advisory of the CNTE, reiterated that their demand for the repeal of the reforms is absolute. Melchor repudiated the state’s use of force to quell the protests.

“We are a not willing to pay with blood for the rights that should be protected by law,” Melchor said. “It is the responsibility of the state to make amends for the lives lost.”

Members of the CNTE met for more than two hours with the coordinator of the PRD, Francisco Martínez Neri, and deputies of the party in order to start a working group that would draft a citizen initiative outlining the demands of the teachers.

In a previous press conference, Mojica made clear that meetings between the PRD and the CNTE are seeking to find a legislative solution to the education conflict. She added that a referendum would be the best route to start institutional conversations about the educational reforms.

“We will be working in a timely manner in alliance with the CNTE, in order to have an initiative that represents the citizens,” she explained. “We will collect signatures from the people to make assure they support it, and thus find a viable solution to revise the reforms.”

Meanwhile, Rocío Nahle, coordinator of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) in the Chamber of Deputies, announced that Morena’s legislative agenda will revise the education reform legislation article by article, with input from experts, in order to create a bill for the next legislative session.