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Wednesday 27, May 2020
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Pope to meet with families

By The News · 14 of February 2016 21:22:16
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Families eagerly await the visit of Pope Francis to Chiapas, where he’s planned a dialogue with citizens in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. THE NEWS Pope Francis will hold a dialogue with Mexican families and respond to their questions during a meeting that will take place in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas on Feb. 15. In an interview with a Mexican news agency, Mexican priest Guillermo Gutiérrez, who serves in the Pontiff Council for Vatican Families, said that on this occasion the pope will address various family problems. “I am anxiously waiting for the dialogue. I am happy that this type of dialogue has been chosen. It will be more than just a speech but a dialogue with families in which the pope will announce the Christian truth, but he will also tackle many family situations that believers face today,” the priest said. This discussion is scheduled for Feb. 15 in the Víctor Manuel Reyna soccer stadium. Around 100 people are expected to watch the event from nearby baseball fields and parking lots. “The pope will address the topic of migrants who leave their own families and culture in search of better opportunities. Mexico isn’t just an exporter of migrants, but also a receiver,” Gutiérrez said. “Then he will talk about violence and drug trafficking. It doesn’t make sense that in such a Catholic country with such deeply rooted values, all of these expressions of violence exist,” he added. Gutiérrez emphasized the importance of the pope’s visit to the Basílica de Guadalupe, whose history has “global relevancy” and where the pope himself has had “important moments” throughout his life. The priest said that the Vatican receives messages and emails everyday from Mexicans who express their happiness and hopes for the pope’s visit, which is scheduled for Feb. 12-18. “Of course the pope isn’t going to solve all of Mexico’s problems, but his presence is certainly a hopeful occasion for believers and non-believers alike,” Gutiérrez said. He added that it will also be very interesting for people to hear the pope speak in his and their own language. Gutiérrez said that Pope Francis is “a pope of surprises,” and because of this we can expect that he will not fail to surprise many Mexicans.