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  • Phase 1 of Environmental Contingency Suspended

  • Environmental Contingency suspended after improvement in air quality

, Photo: Cuartoscuro/Armando Monroy.

06 of April 2016 18:04:53

The Megalopolis Environmental Commission (CAMe) said that, thanks to the excepcional measures taken based as a result of the Environmental Contingency Program, and

[caption id="attachment_11517" align="alignleft" width="205"]A decrease in air pollutants led to the contingency being suspended. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Armando Monroy. A decrease in air pollutants led to the contingency being suspended. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Armando Monroy.[/caption]

the diminishing of the influence on the valley of Mexico of the high atmospheric pressure affecting the center of the country, a decrease of the concentration of pollutants was registered at 17:00 today, with the highest ozone level today being registered at the Tlalpan station with 127 points on the Air Quality Index.

Due to this improvement in air quality, the governments members of the CAMe decided to suspend the environmental contingency due to ozone.

However, the population is reminded of the following:

·         Based on the temporary Hoy No Circula program, on Thursday April 7 all cars with green stickers or license plates ending with 1 and 2 will suspend their circulation, no matter their holograms.

The restrictive measures applied on vehicles yesterday will remain active until 22:00 today.

The CAMe alongside investigators of the Mario Molina Center and the Center for Atmospheric Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, as well as the System for Atmospheric Monitoring of Mexico City, will keep track of the behavior of air pollutants in the metropolitan area of the valley of Mexico in order to suggest actions in favor of the health of the inhabitants of this region.

The CAMe thanks the population for its responsible participation and invites it to remain informed through the page or the AIRE App available on iOS and Android.


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