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The News
  • PGR Sets Seven Tons of Narcotics on Fire

  • Confiscated drugs incinerated by authorities on three separate events


01 of March 2016 14:54:41

Attorney General's Office (PGR) Staff set seven tons 53 kilograms 120 grams of narcotics and 265 liters 292 milliliters of liquid methamphetamines on fire. The drugs were confiscated from various previous incidents in Sinaloa.[caption id="attachment_3000" align="alignleft" width="300"]Tons of marijuana. Photo: Wikipedia Tons of marijuana. Photo: Wikipedia[/caption]In doing so, the department complied with the Narcotics Destruction Program, which is part of the Federal Code of Penal Procedures and promotes burning drugs that are related to crimes.The incineration included three tons of marijuana, three tons of methamphetamines, 12 kilograms of marijuana seeds, 813 grams of poppy seeds, 10 kilograms of opium gum, 54 grams of cocaine, 715 grams of heroine, 1,265 liters of liquid methamphetamines, 20 units of clonazepam, 94 units of methamphetamines and 90 units of methylenedioxyamphetamine.The incineration was carried out in three separate installations.


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