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Friday 01 of July 2022

PAN Accuses Emilio Lozoya of Corruption

Marko Cortés, PAN deputy
Marko Cortés, PAN deputy
The PAN deputies blamed the former Pemex head for the state-owned company's failure in a complaint submitted to the Federal Auditing Agency

Deputies for the National Action Party (PAN) filed a complaint before the Federal Auditing Agency (ASF) against the former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya, for acts of corruption against Pemex and the Treasury.

Emilio Lozoya, former general director of Pemex. Photo: Notimex/Remy Steinegger-Wef.

Deputy Luis Giolberto Marrón filed a complaint, on behalf of PAN deputies, and asked for administrative, political and criminal sanctions against Lozoya.

The complaint, which was presented to Juan Manuel Portal, the head of the ASF, describes Pemex’s precarious finances. The state-owned company has been losing money for the past four years, and it is currently more than $100 billion in debt.

It also claims that Lozoya left Pemex in a deplorable situation, as the company needs to reduce its budget by 100 billion pesos while also facing liability payments to its providers, which rose from 18 billion pesos in 2012 to 147 billion in 2016.

Another issue in the complaint is the purchase of 4 planes for a total of 2.445 billion pesos, as part of an agreement with the National Defense Secretariat.

The coordinator of the PAN deputies, Marko Cortés, said that more complaints against Lozoya will follow.

“This is an administrative complaint before the Federal Auditing Agency, and it is the first of several complaints. We will pursue this case through all possible channels.”

The PAN deputies stressed that the crimes committed by Emilio Lozoya should not go unpunished.