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Monday 01, June 2020
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Officials Cautioned Against Caviar and Champagne on Public Dime

Two officials' misdeeds cited as impetus for new regulations, according to representative from the Public Affairs Secretariat
By The News · 22 of February 2016 21:27:42
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The News

Virgilio Andrade Martínez, secretary of the Public Affairs Secretariat, asked the functionaries of the Federal Public Administration to act with austerity, without ostentation and to adhere to the allowances referred to in new regulations.

This warning was once given to Jorge Pulido Velázquez, who spent $500 on two taxis and two meals in Frankfurt, Germany and another functionary who used his post to dine on caviar, salmon and Champagne in a fancy restaurant in London.

Interviewed after participating in the Forum of Anticorruption Material, organized by the Senate, the representative from the Public Affairs Secretariat said the the functionary who ate caviar and drank Champagne has already been fired.

He mentioned that these two events opened the corresponding investigations into functionary spending.

“They are situations which just opened, the investigation began and from there the objective isn’t just to see, but also that this experience serve as a lesson for all public functionaries so that they act with absolute austerity and without ostentation, independently of the limits that have been established for trips.”

Virgilio Andrade indicated that the use of trips made by these functionaries is under revision and advertised that the person who was let go would have to return what was spent on caviar and Champagne.

He reminded all that the allowance for daily trips, for the functionaries that make trips abroad, is $450, which includes housing.