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The News
Sunday 26 of September 2021

Nuevo León Students Attend Crime Prevention Workshop

Training includes preventive strategies against robbery and kidnapping

The Nuevo León Public Security Secretariat hosted lectures and workshops on crime prevention and addictions in the General Emiliano Zapata High School.

More than 7,400 students attended the activities.

The head of the agency Cuauhtémoc Antúnez led the training of the students and called on them to continue studying and avoid being crime victims.

“People who prepares and educates themselves help to create a better Mexico; study to give your children and your neihgbors a good example,” Antúnez said.

The official said that the training includes crime prevention strategies and recommendations about how to act facing robbery or kidnapping.

Antúnez said that workers of the Civil Force Liaison Board an the Grupo Dare delivered lectures regarding addictions.

“During almost three weeks Public Security Secretariat’s workers trained about 7,400 students of both shifts at the Emiliano Zapata high school,” he said.

Antúnez added that the state government seeks to create a better prevention culture among Nuevo León youth.