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Wednesday 29 of November 2023

Nuevo León Government to Appoint New Public Advocate

congreso nuevo leon
congreso nuevo leon
The position has been vacant since late 2015

congreso nuevo leon2
The state Congress rejected the first candidate proposed. Photo:

Given the Nuevo León Congress’ rejection of Eduardo Román González to be appointed president of the State Human Rights Commission (CEDH), the state government will propose Magda Yadira Robles Garza to the Congress for the position.

Manuel González Flores, the secretary general of the state government, said that they are preparing the dossier with the proposal because the issue of appointing a new public advocate is urgent. The position has been vacant since late 2015, when Minerva Martínez Garza’s administration ended.

After weeks of discussions and hearings, the state Congress rejected the proposal of Román González to the position with 23 votes in favor, 16 against and one abstention. The 28 votes in favor necessary for the approval of his nomination were not reached.

50919138. Monterrey, 19 Sep. 2015 (Notimex-Especial).- Esta ciudad que alguna vez estuvo controlada por tropas de Estados Unidos, tiene mucho que contar a sus 419 años de fundación, cuando hoy es considerada como una de las urbes más importantes en América Latina, debido a su crecimiento industrial. NOTIMEX/FOTO/ESPECIAL/COR/HUM
The state government sent another proposal to the state Congress, located in Monterrey. Photo: Notimex/Especial