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The News
  • Normalistas Take Over 47 Vehicles in Michoacán

  • The 47 blocked vehicles include commercial cargo trucks and buses

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Alan Ortega

03 of October 2016 16:42:51

Manager of operations of the Parhíkuni bus company Iván Arceo reported that student teachers of Michoacán have stopped a total of 47 vehicles, including commercial cargo trucks, through the multiple road occupations they have done as part of protests. Arceo said that of the 47 units that students have occupied, five belong to Parhíkuni, and the company has yet to recover them. There has been no violence, but the vehicles remain in Turícuaro.After last Thursday and Friday, bus companies suspended operations due to security concerns. An agreement was then made with the government of Michoacán to establish strategic surveillance points to prevent students from occupying more buses.He noted that the areas that have been identified as most vulnerable are areas near Tiripetío where students have removed drivers and passengers to take control of the buses.

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