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  • New York Recognizes "Indomitable Spirit" of Mexicans on Cinco de Mayo

  • Governor Cuomo acknowledges contribution of Mexican-American community

, photo: Reuters/Andrees Latif

05 of May 2016 12:29:37

ALBANY, New York – Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo issued a proclamation Thursday recognizing May 5, also known as Cinco de Mayo, as a state celebration that evokes "the indomitable spirit of the Mexican people" and the contribution of this community to both New York and the United States.The proclamation noted that the state, which draws its greatest strength from cultural diversity, joins the Mexican-American community in commemoration of the Battle of Puebla, symbolizing the "pride, perseverance and strength" of the Mexican people."It is fitting that New Yorkers of all backgrounds join our Mexican-American communities in the celebrations in the state and the nation, extolling the ideals of freedom and friendship shared by both countries," Cuomo said.The document is an extension of the proclamation issued by Cuomo in 2012, which recognized Cinco de Mayo as a community holiday. That year the commemoration of the Battle of Puebla was also recognized by the authorities of New York City.Cuomo gave the recognition because New York and New Jersey are the main poles of attraction for the Puebla community in the United States.According to the state of Puebla government estimates, the New York metropolitan area has the second-largest Pueblan population in the world, after the city of Puebla, and before the city of Tehuacán, with around 400,000 inhabitants.About 40 percent of all Mexicans living in the New York metropolitan area are from Puebla, more than their compatriots from the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca.

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