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  • New Space Technology Taught in the State of Mexico

  • Experts from the Surrey Station offer course on satellite images in the geography department of the university

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02 of March 2016 17:50:38

Specialists from the Surrey Space Station in Great Britain taught a course on “Theories, Techniques and Processing of Synthetic Aperture Satellite Images” in the geography department of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.

Very complex, but with diverse applications."-Norma Angélica Dávila Hernández. Autonomous University of the State of Mexico professor
This academic exercise, which lasted for three days and was given in the Laboratory of Science and Technology of Geographic Information, was directed to post graduate students, professors, investigators and high level public servants at the federal level.Professor and investigator of the geography department at the State of Mexico school Norma Angélica Dávila Hernández commented that the course, taught by Pasquale Iervolino, expert from the British space agency, had the objective of teaching specialized techniques in radar imaging.[caption id="attachment_5683" align="alignleft" width="300"]Students flush with new knowledge of satellite imagery at the Photo: The News Students flush with new knowledge of satellite imagery at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. Photo: Courtesy of UAEM.
[/caption]She explained that this is an area of study that is not well known in Mexico and is relatively new in the world. It is a 12 year old technology with very few specialists in each country.She said that this is the second course offered by the geology department about the topic. The first was given by the German Space Agency and on that occasion, in coordination with the Mexican Space Agency. The School of the Southern Border in the State of Mexico contracted the course-workshop about this innovative technology.“Very complex, but with diverse applications, above all for measuring deformities in terrain, milimetric measures and optic images of the highest utility.”Norma Angélica Dávila Hernández added that the course emerged from a collaborative project between the aforementioned institutions, focused on the study of satellite images in Bacalar, Chetumal.

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