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The News
  • Morelos Govt Grants Loans to Workers

  • Retirees, healthcare services, vehicle owners and those paying mortgages are some of those who have benefitted

, photo: Flickr/ReynerMedia

11 of July 2017 10:49:31

The Morelos Credit Institute for Employees has granted 131,749 loans amounting to 3.5 billion pesos ($193 million).The general director of the organization, Paula Trade Hidalgo, reported that from January 2013 to June 2017, among the recipients of these loans have been retirees, healthcare services, vehicle owners and those paying mortgages.She said that the institute offers 21 credit possibilities to meet the needs of credit workers with quick and easy access to interest rates below those of commercial banks, depending on the applicant's age and ability to repay.Currently, she said, the process can be done in about 15 minutes, either in person or online through, where affiliates can also make appointments.

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