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The News
  • Michoacán Teachers College Students Continue Protests

  • The students have ceased 200 vehicles and continue highway blockades

, photo: Cuartoscurco/Alán Ortega

15 of August 2016 14:42:41

Teachers college students in Michoacán have forced close to 200 vehicles to stop in the communities of Arantepauca and Turícuaro. The students have forcibly held the drivers of some vehicles in the towns. In 15 cases, they have required bus drivers to put their vehicles at the students' disposal to travel to protests.The spokesperson of the National Organization of Teaching Colleges of Michoacán, Alejandro Velázquez Toledo, said that they will continue the protests until state and federal authorities re-establish negotiating meetings to resolve the students' demands.Students said that police and military can enter the communities to reclaim the vehicles, where students have been camped out since June when they began the protests.The students have carried out three consecutive days of highway blockades, and have set fire to eight commercial vehicles. This weekend they blockaded highways in between the Lacustre and Meseta regions. These actions are part of their protests to demand automatic teaching posts for the graduates of the eight normal schools in Michoacán.

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