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Wednesday 28 of July 2021

Michoacán Hotel Owners Ask Senators to Pay Debt

Interior Secretariat Owes 100 Million Pesos to Hotel Owners for housing federal police

Hotel owners in Michoacán asked for the intervention of senators to quicken the payment of pending debts by the Interior Secretariat, with sums estimated to rise to 100 million pesos, generated by the Security and Integral Development Commission then headed by Alfredo Castillo Cervantes. The debt originated from the housing and feeding of federal police officers.

Senators Morón Orozco, Iris Vianey Mendoza and Armando Ríos Piter received the businessmen who underlined that an agreement was in place with Alfredo Castillo to reduce tariffs for housing services, with the discount serving as a manner of contributing to the political, social and economic stability of the state of Michoacán, then in the grip of organised crime.

The Michoacán legislator Raúl Morón declared that the stay of members of the federal police headed by Alfredo Castillo left behind it a series of debts that have not been payed.

“Around 50 million pesos are owed to the hotel owners, this is all they have declared. There remain other hotel owners that have yet to declare, with similar sums. Therefore the debt, which the Interior Secretariat is responsible for, ascends to approximately 100 million pesos in Michoacán”.

Agustín Arraiga Diez, president of the Motels and Hotels Association of Michoacán, in representation of businessmen from Morelia, Apatzingán and Pátzcuaro, mentioned that the authorities incurred the debt in January 2914, when, by decree, the Security and Integral Development Commission began operating.


“They arrived to various hotels, occupying 90 or 100 percent of many hotels in the state and, as of December of last year, there was a declared debt of over 53 million pesos, this being the amount solely from the hotels that are in conditions of declaring. The total amount, however, is vastly superior, given that many owners prefer to stay quiet for obvious reasons”.

Raúl Morón stated that the hotel owners are going through a difficult period to to a lack of liquidity.