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The News
  • Mexico Says Will Not Accept Tariffs or Quotas in U.S. Trade Talks

  • Talks are expected to start later this year

Mexico's Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray talks to the Senate about the state of U.S.-Mexico relations in Mexico City, Mexico, February 28, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso, photo: Reuters/ Carlos Jasso

28 of February 2017 16:46:43

MEXICO CITY –Mexico will not accept tariffs or quotas when renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with the United States, the foreign minister said on Tuesday, the latest challenge to U.S. President Donald Trump's proposals to erect trade barriers.Trump says NAFTA is a bad deal for the United States and wants it renegotiated, or torn up. Talks are expected to start later this year."The free trade agreement should be a free trade agreement," Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said at a session in Mexico's Senate. "Mexico will not accept, tariffs, quotas or restrictions on free trade."

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