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Monday 04 of July 2022

Mexico City Senators display #MxContraTrump hashtag

The aim is to strengthen a strategy using social media to combat the candidacy of Donald Trump

MEXICO CITY – Senators of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) unveiled a marquee of the hashtag #MxContraTrump across the front the main building of the party.

This was done with the aim of strengthening an initiative promoted by social networks like Twitter against the campaign of hate, racism and xenophobia of the candidate for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Miguel Barbosa Huerta, a PRD coordinator, said the unveiling of the hashtag display is part of a series of actions in order to build a strategy integrating all those who want to speak out against Trump.

“A strategy in construction, including the participation of all instances of government, society, or anyone who wants to speak out against a person who has used insult, denigration, xenophobia and racism against Mexicans and many nationalities as an election campaign strategy,” he said.

Barbosa Huerta said that Mexican citizens and politicians must not remain silent about a situation that is offensive to the dignity of their people.

Roberto Gil Zuarth, Senate President said that all spaces should be utilized to convince and persuade North Americans that Mexicans are not a threat to the United States, because they represent an important contribution to the economic development of the country.

“I do not think we should confront discursive, narrative, dialectically to Donald Trump with adjectives and insults. We need to build rational arguments to persuade voters there, it is a good idea, a healthy and positive relationship with Mexico. ”

Gil Zuarth stressed the need to mobilize electorally, to win the debate over populism, racism and the xenophobic positions of Donald Trump.