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Mexico City Officials Warn of Cold Temperatures, High Winds

The mayor recommended that citizens take precautions with the possibility of low temperatures and frost in the capital
By The News · 09 of March 2016 19:26:59
FUERTES VIENTOS DERRIBAN ÁRBOL EN LA COLONIA ROMA, 60309097. México, 9 Mar. 2016 (Notimex- Javier A. Martín).- Esta tarde las fuertes ráfagas de viento trozaron por la mitad un árbol ubicado en la calle de Quintana Roo, casi esquina con Avenida Medellín, en la colonia Roma, de la Ciudad de México, entorpeciendo la circulación de quienes transitaban por la zona. NOTIMEX/FOTO/JAVIER A. MARTÍN/COR/DIS/ CLIMA/NALES/EXTREMO, No available

Given the low temperatures and possible frost in the capital, Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera, said it will continue to support the population of the city’s zones of higher altitude.

“There are predictions that it can snow in Mexico City,” said Mancera. “We will continue to strengthen our task of bringing relief to the higher areas of the city, we will continue with our vaccination campaign while taking every precaution.”

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 09MARZO2016.- Una ligera llovizna acompañada de fuertes ráfagas de viento azotaron el norte de la ciudad desde tempranas horas, lo que dio lugar a un arcoiris doble. FOTO: GALO CAÑAS /CUARTOSCURO.COM

Rain accompanied strong winds in Mexico City, Wednesday. Photo: GALO CAÑAS/CUARTOSCURO

Mancera said that through social media networks and Locatel there will be information for the public about changes in climate and Civil Protection measures.

This is because the National Meteorological System announced that in the coming hours heavy rains could be recorded along with a temperature drop as Cold Front number 45 enters the area.

The mayor recommended that inhabitants of Mexico City to be cautious of the weather, “Remind people to take precaution to avoid going to the higher areas because it is an area at ​​risk when there is snow.”

Mexico City Civil Protection Secretary Fausto Lugo said that many parts of the city have seen winds gusting at up to 70 kilometers per hour and since Tuesday night 203 trees were felled, damaging 15 automobiles.