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  • Mexico City Increases Aid for Addiction Treatments

  • The announcement stated that centers for drug treatment must ensure gender equality in the treatment of their patients

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17 of May 2017 11:03:08

The Addiction Care and Prevention Institute in Mexico City (IAPA) modified the program's rules for the consumption of psychotropic substances, thereby increasing the amount of money and number of people who will be helped by the program.The document indicates that amount of people who will be supported went from 376 to 388.The number of Centers for Care Addiction (CAA's) was changed from 25 to 23, and will receive a total of 3.99 million pesos ($214,610) throughout 2017.The report, published in the Official Gazette, states that centers offering ambulatory care services must provide treatment to at least 40 users of psychoactive substances, ensuring gender equality in their services.CAA's that provide residential care services under the professional or mixed model must deal with at least 19 users, of whom nine will have to be women.While the centers that provide mutual help, will serve 12 users for 12 weeks, with one session per week, ensuring that at least half of these are women.

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