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The News
  • Mexico City Extends Traffic Cuts into Wednesday Over Smog

  • Authorities have pledged to come up with new, tougher vehicle emissions tests in as early as three weeks

Air pollution hangs over Mexico City, Tuesday, May 3, 2016. Mexico City authorities have declared a new pollution alert and will require 40 percent of cars to keep off the streets. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo), photo: AP/Eduardo Verdugo

04 of May 2016 10:21:15

MEXICO CITY — Mexico City has extended into Wednesday a pollution alert that requires 40 percent of cars and trucks to keep off the streets.Under a rule in effect through June, one-fifth of the city's cars normally must stay at home on a weekday, with the day determined by license plate numbers. But on Tuesday, smog stayed above 1.5 times acceptable limits for the second straight day, meaning an additional 20 percent of vehicles can't be used Wednesday.Before the rule was implemented last month, newer or cleaner cars were exempt from the one-day driving ban.Air pollution is high due to seasonal weather patterns and increasing number of cars in the city.Authorities have pledged to come up with new, tougher vehicle emissions tests. 

Up-to-date ‘Hoy No Circula’ information can be found at the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis’ (CAMe) website or Twitter account.

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