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Thursday 26 of May 2022

Mexico Celebrates National Flag Day

The Mexican flag,photo: Notimex/Hugo Borges
The Mexican flag,photo: Notimex/Hugo Borges
President Peña Nieto says Mexicans throughout the country should feel pride today

Mexico City — The National Flag Day, or Día de la Bandera Nacional as it is known in Spanish, is a day which should fill every Mexican with pride and a strong sense of identity, according to President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The president took the opportunity of National Flag Day (Feb. 24) to send a message to all Mexicans via his Twitter account.

“Today is a day for all Mexicans to feel proud and united. Today we will celebrate our flag, the most beautiful flag in the world,” read the message.

The government portal also recognized the occasion by reminding the nation that on this day in 1821 the Plan of Iguala was announced, which marked the creation of the symbol which represented the nation for the first time: the tricolor flag.

The green, white and red are colors represent all Mexicans, said the portal.

“Our flag, the coat of arms and the national anthem are the symbols of Mexico. They represent us as a nation and give us a sense of identity. Above all, they make us proud to be Mexican,” said the portal.

The tricolor flag is a rectangle divided into three vertical bands of equal size. From left to right, they are green, white and red.

In the middle of the white band is the national coat of arms, which contains a royal Eagle perched atop a nopal branch and eating a snake.