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  • Mexico Catches Alleged Drug Money Launderer Sought in U.S.

  • U.S. Treasury Department had previously said Martín Guadencio Avendaño Ojeda was involved in money-laundering for the Sinaloa cartel

, photo: Wikipedia

05 of September 2016 14:32:08

MEXICO CITY - Mexican authorities say they have captured an alleged drug trafficker and money launderer wanted in the United States.Mexico's National Security Commission says the suspect identified only as "Martin Guadencio" was captured Friday near the western city of Guadalajara.In 2001, The U.S. Treasury Department named Martín Guadencio Avendaño Ojeda as the director of a money-laundering and drug distribution network based in Culiacan, Mexico. It said it was supplied by the Sinaloa cartel and facilitated the smuggling of drugs into the United States.Sales said Monday that Avendano Ojeda had crashed his truck and injured a federal police officer while trying to escape capture. He was allegedly carrying about 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) of cocaine and two guns.

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