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The News
  • Mexico Businesses File Appeal Against Road, Rail Blockades

  • Business Chamber claims the recent protests have hurt small businesses

, photo: Reuters/Edgard Garrido

03 of August 2016 14:14:18

MEXICO CITY — Mexico's private employers federation has gone to court seeking to force authorities to open highways and rail lines that have been hit by weeks of blockades by protesters.The leader of the business chamber says 11 weeks of blockades have hurt businesses and threaten to slow the nation's economy. Gustavo de Hoyos said Tuesday the legal appeal argues that the blockades violate the rights of business owners and citizens to work and travel freely.Radical teachers groups have been protesting mandatory teacher evaluation for months, but have recently taken to blockading railway lines as well as highways. During protests in Noxchixtlán, Oaxaca, at least six people were killed after police fired upon protesters.De Hoyos says Mexico's steel industry has been hit particularly hard and could suffer temporary plant closings.

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