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  • Metrobus Drivers Protest for Back Pay

  • Copsa has not paid the drivers for 14 months

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28 of July 2016 15:05:37

At least thirty employees of Copsa, one of the five operators of Line 2 of Mexico City's Metrobus, protested to receive 14 months of wages they are owed by the company.During a protest in front of the Cuauhtémoc Metrobus station, the protesters called for the city government to intervene and mediate between the bus drivers and the company, which they suspect does not have the financial conditions to stay in operation. Pablo Espinosa, one of the drivers affected, said that they want to know the real state of the company’s finances.The Transportation Secretary and Metrobus authorities have denied claims that the company is bankrupt. The drivers demanded that Copsa president Gustavo Pérez Villegas, general secretary, Antonio Avilés and treasurer Martín Hernández make public the company’s finances, pay the 14 months of back wages and clarify the number of buses the company operates. The drivers have counted 24 buses, but the company contends they operate 27, while Metrobus only has 18 Copsa buses on record.Copsa's 2015 financial documents reported a debt of 54 million pesos (2.85 million USD) for the back pay.

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