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Friday 15 of October 2021

Mauricio Góngora Presents Proposals to Entrepreneurs

4A_MAURICIO-1,photo: Courtesy of Capital Media
4A_MAURICIO-1,photo: Courtesy of Capital Media
The candidate said his main goal is for people to have a better quality of life, improve their income, have well-paid employment, housing and quality public services

Mauricio Góngora, candidate for governor of Quintana Roo for the “Somos Quintana Roo” coalition, which includes the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the Green Party (PVEM), the New Alliance Party (Panal), said that his primary objectives as governor of the state will be to reconcile serving tourists and serving the needs of citizens of the state.

In a meeting with members of the Employers Federation of Mexico (Coparmex), a Mexican chamber of commerce, Góngora said that he wants to give the citizens of Quintana Roo “high qualities of life, increasing incomes, high paying jobs, high quality public services, so that we can create a balance between satisfying tourists and fulfilling our responsibilities to our citizens.”

Throughout the day, Góngora reiterated his proposals to improve family incomes, with free English classes for workers, free child care and training for new skills.

He argued that such support for workers would lead to greater profits for companies.

“An important tourist destination should also generate social wealth for its inhabitants,” he said.

“To keep being a leading tourist destination in the whole world, we need to strengthen our services, employ more qualified people,” added Góngora. “That’s why workers need to learn English and also to learn other new skills. Quintana Roo is a competitive state, a few days ago they confirmed that we have the most job growth and the smallest unemployment rate; thanks to that status, we also face great challenges.”

He analyzed issues related to security, infrastructure, transparency, administrative simplification, health, education and advertising for Quintana Roo.

He also promised that his administration will be 100 percent transparent, that it will fight corruption and have citizen participation.

“My main concern is to have a government with open doors, where citizens have the freedom to express their concerns and to find solutions together, where people have better health services, better security, education and opportunities to improve their quality of life,” said Góngora.

He also met with supporters, accompanied by the candidate for mayor of Benito Juárez, Remberto Estrada, and the candidate for the Quintana Roo House of Deputies from District VII, Leslie Hendricks.

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