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Sunday 02 of October 2022

Mauricio Góngora Escalante Elected Candidate for Governor of Quintana Roo

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PRI delegates unanimously support Góngora Escalante's candidacy

Unanimously more than 5,000 delegates of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) elected as candidate for governor of Quintana Roo, who said he is ready and prepared to drive a new phase of growth and development for the state.

After the unanimous vote of the PRI delegates in their favor and take protest to the President of the National Executive Committee of the PRI Manlio Fabio Beltrones, which was witnessed in a party atmosphere for more than 15,000 people, Gongora Escalante said the PRI have proposals to take the next step, to keep it well done and serve immediately what needs to be done. Now I assume the desires, hopes and needs of each quintanarroense as mine. Do not I’m going to fail! “He said.

Led by the first PRI State Governor Roberto Borge Angulo and the state leader of the PRI Raymundo King de la Rosa attendees expressed their support with excitement and prolonged applause Mauricio Góngora, who in his speech, after thanking his election and wide signs of affection and support emphasized “mine is to unite and reconcile.

Mauricio Góngora who heads the candidacy for governor by the alliance “We Quintana Roo” with parties Revolucionario Institucional, Green Ecologist and New Alliance (PRI-PVEM-HONEYCOMB) after the good results of the PRI governments stressed “we are ready to continue serving to Quintana Roo, with the commitment of each militant, with love for the state, with the desire to work for the greater good, for the good of all.

candidate 2For its part, the national leader of the PRI, Manlio Fabio Beltrones, highlighted what he called “the excellent inclusive work” held in the PRI party, with the concurrence and support of the leaders of the CNOP, CTM, CROC, CNC many other unions and union representatives.

To take the protest to Mauricio Góngora as official candidate of the PRI to the government, the tricolor leader assured that with him, “Quintana Roo going to go very well.”

The PRI held their convention delegates on the court Football Club Campestre of this city that began in about 13 hours under the guidelines of the State Commission for Internal Processes during which at the request of its President Deputy Judith Rodriguez Villanueva the vote was conducted by 516 electors 5,000 delegates who expressed unanimously in favor of Mauricio Góngora.

In the event the former Governors of Quintana Roo Jesús Martínez Ross, Miguel Borge Martin, Joaquin Hendricks Diaz and Felix Gonzalez Canto, senators of the Republic, Federal Deputies, members of the Fourteenth Legislature of the State and the Secretary General were present Senator CROC Isaías González Cuevas, secretary General FSTSE Joel Ayala Almeida, the leader of the CTM Federal Deputy Carlos Aceves del Olmo, Secretary General of the CNOP Senator Maria Cristina Diaz Salazar and delegate general in Quintana Roo PRI Manuel Andrade.