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  • Lord Dodge is the Latest Driver Caught on Video Assaulting a Bicyclist

  • The driver of a Dodge SUV threw a bicycle at a young man in the Polanco neighborhood

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Paulina Negrete

17 of August 2016 14:36:34

A cyclist was verbally berated and had his own bicycle thrown at him on a Mexico City street corner earlier this week. The incident was caught on video and went viral under the hashtag #LordDodge and #LadyDodge, for the driver and passenger of a Dodge Sports Utility Vehicle who lashed out against the cyclist.The incident took place on the corner of Homero and Mariano Escobedo in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. The video shows a man picking up a bicycle that is lying in the street and throwing it at a young man wearing a bicycle helmet and screaming obscenities. The man and women then board a white Dodge SUV with license plates PSW-83-43 from Michoacán, and drive away.The Mexico City Prosecutor's Office (PGJDF) has called for the cyclist to come forward and file a criminal complaint.This is the second recent incident caught on tape in which motorists verbally or physically attack cyclists. The first, known as #LordAudi, involved the driver of an Audi sedan rear-ending a cyclist in a bike lane in Mexico City, and then verbally challenging a transit official.

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