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  • Jojutla Is a 'War Zone' after Earthquake

  • Jojutla is located just 70 kilometers from the epicenter

, photo: AP/Eduardo Verdugo

21 of September 2017 14:00:17

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake that happened on Wednesday, Sept. 19, left the city of Jojutla , Morelos, severley damaged, with about 150 estructures collpased and 12 victims.Downtown Jojutla resident Ricardo Martínez García said that the city looks like "a war zone," and that he has never witnessed anything similar.In the state of Morelos, authorities said that that 73 people have died so far and that close to 200 historic structures have been damaged.Jojutla's location, 70 kilometers from the epicenter, led to the devastation in the city which is the most affected in Morelos.Volunteers and rescue crews have been working around the clock to rescue those that got trapped underneath the rubble.Matilde Castrejón, another Jojutla resident, said that it's hard to look upon the devastation."Now I look at the collapsed structures, I get word on the victims and I see all the humanitarian aid that we have received and I think over and over again that it was horrible and I don't wish this on anybody," said Castrejón.

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