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  • Deputy: Javier Duarte no Longer Has Immunity

  • Deputy Ricardo Ramírez Nieto argued that acting Governor Flavino Ríos has immunity as governor, which means that Duarte is no longer entitled to that immunity

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19 of October 2016 16:33:44

MEXICO CITY  -- The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) faces no impediment to arrest Javier Duarte de Ochoa since he no longer enjoys constitutional immunity, according to Deputy Ricardo Ramírez Nieto.Ramírez Nieto added that since Flavino Ríos Alvarado was sworn in as acting governor, Duarte de Ochoa lost the protection granted by constitutional immunity, therefore, a trial to cancel the immunity is no longer necessary.“The fact that Ríos Alvarado was sworn into office grants him immunity, which means former governor Duarte is no longer entitled to it,” said Ramírez Nieto. “The PGR has full authority to request an arrest warrant.”This situation removes the need for a trial to strip Duarte of his immunity.“Trials to waive immunity can only be held when a public servant is currently holding office, if he or she ceases to do so, the prosecutors have full authority to enforce procedures; thus an arrest warrant can be issued,” said Ramírez Nieto.The legislator said that the request for a impeachment against Duarte de Ochoa will remain open and the proceedings can be carried out a year after the governor left office. 


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