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Sunday 05 of February 2023

INEGI: Industrial Activity Slows Down

INEGI,photo: Notimex/Jorge Torres
INEGI,photo: Notimex/Jorge Torres
Since June, 2014, the mining industry has presented negative results

According to figures provided by the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI), industrial activity in Mexico showed its first negative percentage of the year, falling 0.1 percent from January to February, which made its annual comparison transit from an increase of 1.8 percent to 0.8.

51206068. México. 6 Dic 2015. (Notimex-Jorge Torres).- La autonomía constitucional del Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) no está en riesgo de perderse, pero debe fortalecerse, consideró Eduardo Sojo Garza Aldape, quien este 31 de diciembre concluye su segundo periodo como presidente del organismo. NOTIMEX/FOTO/JORGE TORRES/JTC/EBF
The National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI) released a report on the Mexican industry sector. Photo: Notimex/Jorge Torres

The performance of the four main activities of economic growth started 2016 with a remarkable recovery, going from zero increase in December 2015 to a rise of 1.8 percent. However, the results of the mining industry ended the upward trend.

During this period, mining industry activity, which was already 21 months in the red, went from a fall of 2.9 percent to 5, compared to February 2015.

Since June, 2014, the mining industry has presented negative results, in particular regarding services related to this activity, which have decreased by 25.7 and 8.7 percent during the first two months of 2016. The extraction of oil and gas has decreased to -1 and 2.3 percent, respectively.

In February, the manufacturing industry, one of the main activities of the national industry, slowed down its performance with 1.8 percent, compared with the 2.2 percent it presented in January.