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  • INEGI Candidate Accused of Falsifying Resume

  • Civic society organizations are protesting the nomination of Merodio Gómez

Deposition of Paloma Merodio Gómez by the committees for Internal Affairs, Population and Urban Development. 30 April, 2017. (photo: Cuartoscuro), photo: Cuartoscuro

30 of March 2017 15:59:47

The Mexican Senate Committees for Governance and for Population and Urban Development, headed by Cristina Díaz and Armando Ríos Piter, respectively, met with members of the civic society to discuss the nomination made by the Executive Branch of Paloma Merodio Gómez to be part of the Governing Board of the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI).Civic society organizations are protesting the nomination of Merodio Gómez by arguing that she “falsified her resume.” They also asked senators to nominate someone else, preferably a woman, that has all the legal qualifications and the professional experience that is required for such a position.[caption id="attachment_53930" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Members of the Committees for Governance and Population and Urban Development, April 30, 2017. Photo: Cuartoscuro[/caption]In an interview, Carlos Alberto Puente Salas, head of the parliamentary group of the Green Party (PVEM), denied that Merodio Gómez had provided any false information.Puente Salas said that all legal procedures must be followed, and that on Thursday, Merodio Gómez will appear before the above-mentioned senate committees, in order to be questioned.This questioning “is not conclusive, it is not binding. We have to study, analyze, and afterwards we will issue a decision,” Salas said.

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