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Human Rights Victims Suffering From Lack of Legal Aid

Officials say 10 times more legal advisers are needed throughout the country to assist in rise of violence
By The News · 24 of February 2016 17:57:35
, Rochín, No available


The News

Due to the rise in violence in the country, the Executive Care of Victims Commission (CEAV), doesn’t have enough personnel to carry out its job in all of the states, nor attend to all their victims.

Jaime Rochín del Rincón, commissioner president of the CEAV, said that he only has 60 lawyers with whom to attend to cases in the country.

“The executive commission for attention to victims of the federal government doesn’t have a chance of attending to all the cases of victimization in this country, including violations of human rights or crimes,” he said.

Rochín recognized that the budget cuts have affected his organization, and that they have already had to let go 450 workers from the commission, the equivalent of a 20 percent cut in staffing.

“We should be growing and instead we’ve been cut back, for the moment the institution should grow, for example we have 60 lawyers throughout the country, when we would need at least 10 times that amount,” he said.

In the signing of the agreement between the CEAV and the Municipal Institute of the women of Xalapa that looks to strengthen support to victims of discrimination and violations of human rights, the commissioner Adrián Franco said that he has 7,000 cases registered and 500 invesitgation files of victims.

He said he wanted his organization to have a presence throughout the country.

“We have a presence in just half the country,” he explained. “We would have to have more legal advisers. With what we have we do a dignified job for people in attending to their rights.”

They said that they are lacking a large number of legal advisers due to the considerable increase in human rights violations.