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  • Homicide Rates Rise 20 Percent

  • Organized crime is responsible for six out of ten homicides; kidnapping and car theft increased two percent this year


25 of October 2016 16:29:11

MEXICO CITY — Homicide rates have increased 20 percent during the third quarter of the year, compared to data from last year over the same period. This trend shows no sign of slowing down; 58 percent of these murders were executions committed  by members of the organized crime. In September, an all-time high figure was recorded: 1,974 reported homicides.

During this last quarter rape victims increased six percent, kidnapping and car theft two percent, and robbery of small business increased one percent; while household robbery and violence-related injuries decreased eight percent and extortion five percent.

According to the director of Semáforo Delictivo Santiago Roel “this red flags call for re-evaluation of security strategies.”

“It is insane to expect different results when we carry on with the same procedures” said Roel.

He also pointed out that the black market of drugs is the main source of violence and corruption in Mexico. “The mafia grows stronger through the motto of ‘lead or gold’, they take over territory until the system collapses and felonies rise.”

Roel also claimed that “black markets cannot be fought with police but through economic reforms, unless drugs are regulated, and the control over the market is regained, this crisis will continue.” He mentioned the examples of Switzerland, Turkey, and the state of Colorado. “How many more deaths do we need in order to understand? Why do we struggle to make the right decisions? Why is it that we follow directions of the U.S. and the UN and not defend the interests of our country?” noted Roel.

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