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The News
  • Government Appoints Commission to Organize Natural Gas Tanks

  • This was reported by the government of Mexico City in an agreement published in the Official Gazette

, photo: Flickr/Bilfinger SE

31 of March 2017 10:14:11

Staring Saturday the Interdependent Coordination Commission for the Installation of Gas Supply and Supply Stations in Mexico City will be instituted.This was reported by the Mexico City government in an agreement published in the Official Gazette, which explained that the commission will coordinate local administrative authority actions for individuals interested in installing gas stations.The commission will be responsible for all authorization and any other administrative procedures necessary to provide these services to local government units and to citizens.In the agreement, which specifies the powers of the new body and its members, the Mexico City government clarified that the actions of the commission are only intended to accompany and facilitate administrative actions.It clarifies that individuals interested in the installation of natural gas stations must comply with all legal requirements and assume responsibility for obtaining permits or authorizations to be issued at the federal level or between individuals.

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