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Thursday 04, June 2020
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Gas explosion hits baker’s shop

By The News · 13 of February 2016 14:59:53
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An explosion partially destroyed a bakery in the Gaviotas Norte neighborhood.Tabasco The Civil Pro- TABASCO tection Institute (IPC) of Tabasco has confirmed that the explosion in a bakery which occurred when workers from a gas company were refilling a stationary tank has left one dead and four wounded. In a statement, the IPC Operations and Population Support Director Jorge Méndez Landero said that, “Workers from the Sonigas company were allegedly refilling a gas tank located on top of the bakery. However, there was a gas leak and the workers left the premises aboard their gas truck. Minutes later an explosion occurred, which caused part of the building to come down, killing 13-year old Raymundo Jiménez Córdova.” The explosion injured Jiménez Córdova’s mother and bakery owner, Magia del Rosario Córdova Rodríguez, and his brother, 16-year old Alfonso Jiménez Córdova. The IPC later located the gas truck in which the workers fled, as it had crashed in the Villahermosa- Macuspana federal highway, near the detour to the international airport. “The reports we have say that both workers were injured because of the gas leak at the bakery,” said Méndez Landero. Cordova Rodríguez and the injured Jiménez Córdova brother were taken by Red Cross ambulances to a nearby hospital for medical care, as were the two Sonigas workers. Another injured person, who was driving a car near the site of the explosion as it occurred, was provided with medical care at the spot. Personnel from the State Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) retrieved the body of the deceased minor and initiated the corresponding investigation at the scene in order to determine the cause of the explosion and determine responsibilities, said Méndez Landero. The explosion occurred in the Gaviotas Norte neighborhood in Tabasco, he added. THE NEWS