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The News
  • Four Children Found Locked Up, Abandoned in Venustiano Carranza

  • Neighbors sounded the alarm when children asked them for food through the window


15 of March 2016 18:30:35

The Attorney General of Justice (PGJ) through the Central District Attorney’s Office for the Attention of Boys, Girls and Adolescents began a preliminary investigation for the rescue of four boys locked and abandoned in an apartment of the Venustiano Carranza delegation.Following up on a phone call and a video downloaded to social networks, the Attorney General learned of the four minors that were found locked in an apartment.Ministerial staff, social workers, psychologists and representatives from the Investigation Police (PDI) arrived at the location on at 190 Oceania Avenue, Apartment 105, in the Romero Rubio neighborhood, where four minors of 4, 4, 3 and 1 year of age were rescued.The neighbors said that the victims, two boys and two girls, were asking for food from their window, which caused them to call the authorities.The Public Minister began a preliminary investigation for the crime of domestic violence against the mother of the children, for whom they are searching.


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