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Friday 13, December 2019
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Fire in Tepoztlán continues Due to Strong Winds

Up to five helicopters have taken part in the firefighting in the state of Morelos
By The News · 07 of April 2016 17:29:55
The fire in Tepoztlán has been further complicated by strong winds, No available, Photo: Cuartoscuro/Patricia Morales.

The fire in the ecological reserve of Tepoztlán, Morelos, which brigades have fought for over 40 hours to suffocate, got out of control last Wednesday night. said Sustainable Development Secretary Topilzin Contreras.

Firefighters with air support have tried to stop the fire in Tepoztlán. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Patricia Morales.

Firefighters with air support have tried to stop the fire in Tepoztlán. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Patricia Morales.

He explained that the origin of the incident was an uncontrolled agricultural burning, and that, due to strong winds, the situation which was already under control became more complicated.

The head of the Natural Resources and Environmental Secretariat (Semarnat), Rafael Pacchiano, and Morelos governor Graco Ramírez made a flyover in the fire area. Through his twitter account, the governor informed that the fire is happening in an area of cliffs and glens. This has generated further gusts of wind of up to 40 kilometers per hour, which stoked the flames and further complicated operations. 

This Thursday specialized personnel work from the area of Santo Domingo to  San Juan Tlacotenco, with water for the operations being taken from Amatlán.

The governor detailed that attempts were made to suffocate the fire from two fronts: “It is very dangerous for firefighters to get near because they lose visibility due to the smoke.”

On the other hand, Rafael Pacchiano specified that advances in the firefighting operations were being constantly evaluated. In terms of coordination, he stated that 5 helicopters were being used, two from Mexico City, one from the State of Mexico, one from Morelos and another from the Semarnat.

Topiltzin Contreras asked the population to not get near the area.