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Friday 15 of October 2021

Filiberto Martínez to Boost Women's Programs

5-breve1-,photo: Courtesy of Capital Media
5-breve1-,photo: Courtesy of Capital Media
If he is once again elected as mayor of Solidaridad, Martínez Méndez will focus on key issues such as security, paving and street lightning

Filberto Martínez Méndez, candidate for mayor of the Solidaridad municipality for the “We Are Quintana Roo” coalition, made up by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the Green Party (PVEM) and the New Alliance Party (Panal), has promised to promote programs that strengthen the participation and employment of women, especially for those who have the great responsibility of being mothers.

In recognition of Mother’s Day, Martínez Méndez recalled that when he was mayor of Solidaridad, 50 percent of civil service position were held by women.

In addition, he said that from the local Congress he promoted and defended the work of women in order to have a more equitable participation in policy-making. These initiatives were successful and now 50 percent of candidates for popular elected offices are headed by women.

Martínez Méndez recognized working moms, who educate and protect their children everyday. And because of this, programs to support single mothers and strengthen this sector will be rescued by the Municipal Family Development Agency (DIF).

He also promised to expand DIF’s daycare hours to support Solidaridad families.

Martínez Méndez said that if he becomes mayor of Solidaridad, he will attend to fundamental issues like security, paving roads, street lighting and garbage collection. “I am a politician, a manager who knows how to solve problems.”

He ended by saying that he will bring back the “Clean Solidaridad” program, which has won several awards for the municipality.

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