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Fepade Asks Deputies to Remove Eva Cadena's Immunity

Fepade argued that constitutional immunity doesn't apply to this case
By The News · 11 of May 2017 15:44:54
Legislator Eva Cadenas Sandoval stands at the Prosecutor's Office in Xalapa, Veracruz, April 26, 2017, Legislator Eva Cadenas stands at the Estate's Prosecutor's Office in Xalapa, Veracruz, April 26, 2017. photo: Cuartoscuro/Alberto Roa, photo: Cuartoscuro/Alberto Roa

The Electoral Crimes Prosecutor’s Office (Fepade) requested that the Federal Chamber of Deputies remove Legislator Eva Felicitas Cadena Sandoval’s “fuero” (legislative immunity) in the investigation for alleged use of illicit funds in her campaign for mayor of the district of Las Choapas, Veracruz.

Cadena Sandoval is accused of violating Article 15 of the General Law of Electoral Crimes, which states that individuals that receive campaign donations as political favors will be punished.

Santiago Nieto Castillo, Head of Fepade answers reporters questions in Mexico City, Mexico, May 2, 2017. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Tercero Díaz

Fepade’s Public Prosecutor’s Office said that campaign donations are for exclusive use of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

At the time of the request, Fepade said that the Supreme Court of the Nation (SCJN) made it clear that constitutional immunity protects the position and not the person, and therefore Cadena Sandoval is not protected because her position is not being fulfilled.